The Ruskin Christian High School Program serves students in grades nine through twelve. This college preparatory academic program offers many opportunities for the high school student to explore various levels of mathematics, language arts, sciences, social studies, and foreign language. Bible principles are integrated into every facet of the high school program. Our goal is to provide a curriculum and an instructional program that are both academically advanced and integrated with a Christian worldview to meet the needs and character development of the high school student. Opportunities for extra-curricular activities are also available.

9th-12th Grades

  • Curriculum includes: A BEKA, Bob Jones University Press, Saxon, Positive Action for Christ, and Prentice Hall
  • Chapel, daily Bible instruction
  • Computer classes
  • Foreign language: Spanish
  • Physical science, biology, chemistry, and anatomy/physiology each with lab components
  • Mathematics: Algebra through Pre-Calculus
  • Dual-enrollment opportunities with Hillsborough Community College
  • Boys athletics: soccer, basketball
  • Girls athletics: volleyball, basketball & cheerleading
  • General or College Prep academic tracts
  • Annual Achievement Testing - Stanford 10
  • On-site PLAN and PSAT testing
  • Hot lunch program
  • Drama department
  • Art classes
  • Participation in Student Council
  • Participation in FACCS Fine Arts Competition